Friday, June 15, 2007

My Little Molly

Presenting our NEWEST addition to the Granquist Family: Molly!! Isn't she cute? She was my Mothers Day present from the kids. Don't worry, there will be MORE pictures forth coming..but for now, this is what I have (actually Liz has my camera..STILL)

Since Mothers Day, Molly has been declawed and she is now totally a Granquist! She has been a joy in our lives..Yes, Jim does actually like her! Her 'new house' is one that Annie and Dan picked up at their NEW favorite less. I have a 'groovin' kitty now. She fits in well with Annamikeyerinjennarachelmatthewethanholly..Molly! Gracie will even tolerate her..well sometimes.

Life at the bookstore continues. I have discovered new books and new authors. Can you tell how exciting my life is? It's a good thing Molly is here to help 'entertain' us. Jim came home from Alaska. I'm glad he's home. His mother, sister and my mother are all in care centers and that made Jim feel guilty about being away. Then Kathy had a heart attack, so he felt he needed to be here. MY Only complaint is my 'kitchen duty' has started up again. I was hoping for a reprieve from the kitchen for SEVERAL months. I guess that part of his being away was ALL a pipe dream. Annie tells me it won't be 3 months til my next post, so until then......
enjoy the pictures!!