Monday, May 5, 2008

ok, so JIm is showing me up with ALL his blogs! Funny guy, i'd say. With him gone, i am pretty bored, however, i don't miss the 'cooking' aspect of married life! but after seeing his recent blog, he WLL BE doing dinners for us when he gets home! I can hardly wait! Molly is getting crazier and crazier. She is good company for me and keeps me entertained, alot! I will be posting a few more pictures of ALaska shortly, probably when ANnie comes over again. Can you tell I'm bored? Guess i'll go pull out my book and indulge myself til bed time!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Trails...

We made it to Skagway! At times i thought we'd never make it. The Al/Can Highway is something to behold! Pretty desolate, but Pretty. By saying desolate, there were NO Del Taco's or 7/11. In fact there were NO fountain drinks OR ice to find anyway. Needless to say, we were pretty dry when we got to Skagway. Here are a few shots we (I) took since this is my camera. I'm just learning how to post pictures, so i will try to add more later.
This is a picture of Skagway . There are NO green/red lights in the town! and the sidewalks are lumber sidewalks. Of course, with my luck, ALL the touristy stores were closed. The season hasn't actually opened as yet.
Any one need a FREE CAR? let me know, this is a winner for sure.
Doesn't this lovely specimen of a Long Horn sheep resemble Molly? I guess i am the only one who can see the resemblance!'s the Lucky Mans sleeping quarters! Take note of the mattress!! His bed is the one by the window. It took a woman's touch to "FLUFF" this up, Good thing i was there!Lysol came in real handy. Luckily the laundry room is just one room away from here!

as a side note, gas there is $4.50 a gallon, so lets enjoy the LOW cost of gas here! Have NO fear, Jim did find the remote control..there were a bunch down in one of the vacant rooms!

Friday, April 18, 2008

mundane thoughts

since my life has been filled with not alot of excitement, i thought i'd share a Few mundane thought such as:
* Molly is about one of the craziest kitties we've ever had, along with Lucy, Meggie, RoseMarty, Midnight, Radar, Penny, and i guess a host of others..

* We are getting ready for our LITTLE jaunt up to Alaska..yes, i am planning on taking a plethora of books!! :) Lots of reading time for me! Plus, the scenery willl be spectacular! Can hardly wait.

* I better call Jenna and see if she can fit me in for a hair cut..SOON!!

* I think Jenna and Anna should go into the hair cutting business..set up shop in Katies basement.

* I need Annie to help me get my Ipod 'charged' up for this trip to ALaska..maybe even give me instructions on how to use the thing. Yes, i am still a woman of the 20th century and have a hard time with electronics and such..PLUS, i still do NOT have a cell phone..:) should i be proud of that? I don't know, but i do miss the 20th century life style..give me the 50's please!

I am trying to impress Annie and Dan that i can do this, so I hope tihis will prove to them that i can actualy do this. Annie will then help me post pcitures of our CUTE Molly!
till then, have a wonderful whatever!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Resurrected from the dead

Annie is here officially re-teaching me how to blog. I PROMISE to get better. I need a little help and encouragement from time to time.

Ladies night (better known as nightmare on Fort Union Boulevard) is tomorrow night. I am sure to have some great stories to share later. Wish me luck! Oh, and if anyone would like a door prize, I'm your lady!!

See you soon, for sure!

Friday, June 15, 2007

My Little Molly

Presenting our NEWEST addition to the Granquist Family: Molly!! Isn't she cute? She was my Mothers Day present from the kids. Don't worry, there will be MORE pictures forth coming..but for now, this is what I have (actually Liz has my camera..STILL)

Since Mothers Day, Molly has been declawed and she is now totally a Granquist! She has been a joy in our lives..Yes, Jim does actually like her! Her 'new house' is one that Annie and Dan picked up at their NEW favorite less. I have a 'groovin' kitty now. She fits in well with Annamikeyerinjennarachelmatthewethanholly..Molly! Gracie will even tolerate her..well sometimes.

Life at the bookstore continues. I have discovered new books and new authors. Can you tell how exciting my life is? It's a good thing Molly is here to help 'entertain' us. Jim came home from Alaska. I'm glad he's home. His mother, sister and my mother are all in care centers and that made Jim feel guilty about being away. Then Kathy had a heart attack, so he felt he needed to be here. MY Only complaint is my 'kitchen duty' has started up again. I was hoping for a reprieve from the kitchen for SEVERAL months. I guess that part of his being away was ALL a pipe dream. Annie tells me it won't be 3 months til my next post, so until then......
enjoy the pictures!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Single Again....Temporarily!

So, it's been just over one week since Jim left. Funny how my laundry has decreased dramatically, and my bathroom is much, much cleaner. I have to admit, I kinda miss him. I never thought I would say that. I've even invited to kids over tonight to watch to Jazz game with me. Have no fear though, I will go into the other room to watch Bill (O'Reilly that is) when 9:00 rolls around!!!

Jim has been busy touring around Alaska and Canada. He's a little stressed, but I think he will be o.k., or atleast I hope he'll be o.k.! He misses his bed. Especially since he had to go to Wal-Mart and use a shopping cart to purchase his very own air mattress!!! I would have loved to see that in person...Jim pushing around a shopping cart at Wal-Mart filling it with household goods!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

my grandkids are cuter than your grandkids...

easter sunday. we finally got all eight together today and managed to get a decent picture of them.
let me introduce you:
from top left: Michael Burton, Holly Granquist, Rachel McKea, Ethan Granquist
bottom: Erin McKea holding Matthew McKea, Anna Burton, and Jenna McKea.