Friday, April 18, 2008

mundane thoughts

since my life has been filled with not alot of excitement, i thought i'd share a Few mundane thought such as:
* Molly is about one of the craziest kitties we've ever had, along with Lucy, Meggie, RoseMarty, Midnight, Radar, Penny, and i guess a host of others..

* We are getting ready for our LITTLE jaunt up to Alaska..yes, i am planning on taking a plethora of books!! :) Lots of reading time for me! Plus, the scenery willl be spectacular! Can hardly wait.

* I better call Jenna and see if she can fit me in for a hair cut..SOON!!

* I think Jenna and Anna should go into the hair cutting business..set up shop in Katies basement.

* I need Annie to help me get my Ipod 'charged' up for this trip to ALaska..maybe even give me instructions on how to use the thing. Yes, i am still a woman of the 20th century and have a hard time with electronics and such..PLUS, i still do NOT have a cell phone..:) should i be proud of that? I don't know, but i do miss the 20th century life style..give me the 50's please!

I am trying to impress Annie and Dan that i can do this, so I hope tihis will prove to them that i can actualy do this. Annie will then help me post pcitures of our CUTE Molly!
till then, have a wonderful whatever!


Tiffany said...

What a sweet surprise tonight, to find a post from you! I just heard via Ryan via Katie that Jim is going to Alaska, but I didn't know you were going! How exciting! I can't wait to see the pictures (with Annie and Dan's help, of course).

Mari said...

sound like a fun trip! WHile you ARE there will you check out the fishing trips for me? dan has been bugging me to go to alaska TO STOCK UP ON SALMON. oh and i need a list of good books from you too. i need a good book to get me over twilight. have lots up freezing fun--

Barb said...

Yeah I am so glad to see a post!!
I didn't know you were going to Alaska, either! Your not staying to whole summer are you?

lizzie said...

wow...very nice post mother. keep them coming! since you never call me...

katie said...

Amen to what Blizabeth said. But I must say...i'm highly impressed mother. Not funny about Jenna cutting hair.